Texada Island: the hidden gem of BC

Texada Island

Texada Island 3
Texada Island, BC

UPDATE: Please be aware I am no journalist, and I am not promoting this lake. This was a personal blog post I wrote as a memory to reread for myself, and only yesterday did I noticed a TON of traffic on the post. Thank you for reading.

Sometimes you find a hidden gem, and it takes your breath away. It’s hard to believe that something like this exists in BC until you see it with your own eyes. Welcome to Texada Island, BC. It’s a small island, with only a population of 1,053. Never mind the only 2 restaurants there, never mind not having Internet connection anywhere on the island . This lake, this lake is what makes you want to stay for another night or two. This is the ultimate getaway from Vancouver and the best part? It’s less than a day away. 
It took 3 different ferry rides, and 6 hours of driving (approximately) to finally get there, but it was all worth it once I jumped in that lake. On our way there we made a few stops while waiting for the next ferry, one of my favorites was Powell River. There a small hidden beach where you could jump in the ocean water. Wait what? Somewhat warm ocean water in BC…that’s unheard of. Well, on the contrary, thanks to a small man-made inlet, it makes swimming possible. I did hit a few patches of water that were extremely cold, but that didn’t stop be from swimming quite far out.

Once we got to the island, it was pretty late, and since the island is really quiet at 8, we decided to leave the lake for the next day. Trying to find an entry point to the lake was the fun part, after going through a yellow gate, and driving down an off-road beaten path, we finally saw IT. The beauty. The lakes of all lakes. We managed to park the car right next to the lake, which we later found out no one ever did before because they didn’t know about the other gate that we went through earlier. The water was so warm, color was unbelievably beautiful.

Welcome to Heischolt Lakes or Quarry Lake. The lake got its color due to the minerals and stones in the water. It used to be a mining zone, some of the locals told us, (don’t quote me on this) is that after the open-pit filled itself with water and created the beautiful lake, the mining in that particular area stopped. Regardless of its history, this is just another example how nature can create such remarkable places right next door.

If you have lived in BC and have never been to this lake, let me ask, what the fuck are you waiting for? GO! There are tons of cottages, houses for rent, but please remember to book early as they do get sold out fast during the summer seasons. And if you’re planning to stay for longer than a night, bring a BBQ, and food, I am not kidding when I say there is only 2 restaurants on the entire island.

Texada Island 5


9 thoughts on “Texada Island: the hidden gem of BC

  1. Hope you left it the way you found it ….sometimes people have no respect for beautiful places… acting like a bunch of Big City Goons.

  2. We lived in Powell River for many years and so we have visited Texada Island at least 3 times and had friends who lived there. I worked in Long Term care and a couple times we loaded up our bus with a volunteer driver & 8 residents & took them for lunch in a small restaurant on the Island and a little drive to see the sights. Very enjoyable. I have been retired for a few years now.

  3. Good article until the comments on restaurants….. are you kidding! Have you actually eaten at “The Raven”? It’s fantastic! … and the concession at Shelter Point has great beach food.
    Very strange comment!

    1. She probably just meant that if you are staying norepinephrine then a couple night to bring food so your not eating out every day. It does get expensive and also could be super busy as there is only the 2 restaurants there. 😊

  4. I live my entire childhood on Texada. Swam in Heischolt lake. I delivered newspaper to Stan Heischolt, it’s namesake.
    After graduation, I left the island, gladly at the time. When my family moved to Vancouver island, I didn’t feel a need to return. After this post, and the videos attached, I am now going to take a trip to my old stomping grounds…
    Feeling a bit homesick. Denis Michaud

  5. Amazing place, spent a few afternoons lounging along the rocky beach, jumping from the ledges and just admiring the incredible scenery. Sometimes nature’s reclaiming what was her is more beautiful than the original. Thanks for the walk along that memory….

  6. I had the pleasure of living on Texada in the mid 80’s, my husband’s parents retired there, mom-in-law was born in Blubber Bay. I was a city girl who never left until I was 22 and moved to Vananda and lived right off the ocean, it is the most beautiful place on earth, Shelter Point beach is another place of incredible beauty, and if they still have it there was a great snack shack there! There was only one hotel and restaurant, a grocery store, post office and hardware store when we lived there. Amazing beautiful place, we couldn’t stay though as there was no work really unless you were a local. winning a million would bring us back!!! lucky people who get to see this “hidden gem” thanks for the memory!

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